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Female Health & Lifestyle Coach

This is an exclusive online coaching program for women who are 100% committed to success. Together we will tackle every area of life that impacts health and fitness – not just exercise and diet. We will also improve your sleep, stress, food choices, digestive health, and activity levels.

You can trust us to give advice based in research, not dogma. Our aim is to set you up with lifelong skills so you can maintain your results without us.

What do you get?

  • Comprehensive lifestyle assessment
  • Training and activity guidance
  • Nutritional analysis and guidance
  • Coaching in sleep, stress, health, happiness
  • Daily coaching contact as needed
  • Ongoing assessment of health markers
  • Weekly training and nutrition updates
  • Regular goal setting and tracking
  • Educational materials and resources
  • New recipes and cookbooks – monthly
  • Health supplement recommendation
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our promise to you

We always use up-to-date and science-backed methods and research. There will be no fads, dogma, or short-term unsustainable methods. You will have support for as long as you choose to train with us. We will provide a highly motivating, focused environment. You will develop healthier habits and routines which will stay with you for life.

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