Why Sleep Is Important

Why Sleep Is Important- 8 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Why Sleep Is Important- 8 Consequences of Sleep Deprivation What Is Sleep? Sleep is a complex and essential biological process that is required on a daily basis for all humans regardless of age, sex or ethnic origin. Why Is Sleep Important? Sleep is a vital process and has many important functions such as memory processing, learning, brain development, and cellular repair. We still do not fully understand why we sleep, what induces sleep, and what induces wakefulness. Even how many hours are needed to achieve ‘restorative sleep’ is still not fully understood. Sleep also has important roles in controlling the functions of many other...

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Hello everyone and welcome to the ActivHealth website. ActivHealth was founded to improve the quality of personal training in Dublin. Lee Hand is a personal trainer from Dublin who is health-focused and results-driven. It is his mission to give you the knowledge and tools needed to empower you to take control of not only your body composition goals but also your health, for the long term. We will post lots of articles over the coming months with the goal of educating and empowering each one of you. The articles will cover everything to do with health and fitness so you can...