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Website Launch

Hello everyone and welcome to the ActivHealth website. ActivHealth was founded to improve the quality of personal training in Dublin. Lee Hand is a personal trainer from Dublin who is health-focused and results-driven. It is his mission to give you the knowledge and tools needed to empower you to take control of not only your body composition goals but also your health, for the long term.

We will post lots of articles over the coming months with the goal of educating and empowering each one of you.

The articles will cover everything to do with health and fitness so you can live a fitter and healthier life while also achieving your body composition goals.

But first, here’s a little bit more about ActivHealth, delving into our “Why” and what we stand for.

ActivHealth Ethos

Our prime area of interest lies in the promotion of a holistic approach to your goals, where we aim to use our knowledge to create integrative approaches to health and fitness that are tailored towards you as an individual, based on what we can see externally.

Once we have a thorough understanding of what influences your internal physiology then we can begin to create more specific training, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions to optimize your health and body composition. 

We promise you high-quality knowledge from expert trainers who are fun to work with and genuinely care about your results.

We don’t do fads, and we don’t jump on bandwagons. You get honest, real coaching with techniques guaranteed to work for you.

ActivHealth stands for:

Excellence – in our personal training, facilities, and services

Knowledge – we keep learning so we can pass it on to you

Education – A personal trainer in Dublin who doesn’t just coach you, we give you an education

Results – that’s what you come here for! ActivHealth people get astonishing results

Dedication – you’re dedicated to your journey, we’re dedicated to your progress